Automated warehouse for rolls or reels

New automated warehouse, lots of wooden pallets but rolls or reels must be stopped with wooden wedges? .... New warehouse and old system? ... The time has come for innovative solutions for your pallets [...]

What are automatic pallet racking warehouses with stacker cranes

The stacker cranes are machines managed almost entirely remotely through software that guide and record the movement of goods through pre-set operating corridors and which also provide the possibility of storing pallets using the height of the warehouse, not the width, and with the possibility of also in multiple depths.

Advantages of using these particular machines in automated warehouses are:

  • Speed of storage and picking of goods, because the handling is completely automated and remotely guided

  • Safety inside the warehouse because the machines move in perfect synergy and within corridors and monorails

  • Optimal redistribution of the workforce, because the operators are no longer employed in the actual handling

  • Real-time computerization of the loading units, because the integrated software is able to indicate the exact position of the goods or the package in real time

A specific storage system for companies that have a fast flow of goods and orders or companies that need to store containers and trays is the one with miniload stacker cranes.

This system, with the help of high-speed stacker cranes, allows a quick and simplified management of the load units, the maximum optimization of the occupied spaces which guarantees a redistribution of the warehouse in order to increase its capacity and a significant reduction of errors in the shipment of orders.


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